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Cant even play it.

Hi Necavare,

Could you explain me in more detail why you cant play the game?

Thanks in advance.

It took me a while to understand how to play, but once I did it was a nice mechanic. I just think your instructions could use some clarity and/or picture examples.

Hi labrattish,

I decided to upload this brief gameplay video thanks to the useful feedbacks.


I could not figure out how to move a character. In level 0 I selected a character next to another one but could not move him into another one.

Hi frodewin,

First you must select the character you want to move.
Then the cell where you want to put him.
I hope this can help you.

Thanks for playing my game.

Hey man, it's a nice looking game and sounds like fun. But it seems not to work for me either.  I select a character and then a free square next to it, but nothing is happening. No matter which character i select?

Am i missing something or is it just not working on OSX perhaps?

Hi Flimsy,

After selecting the character, you must select a cell that is next to another character in the same column or row.
It is as if the selected character stops his linear movement when colliding with another character.

Thanks for your feedback.

Ohh! Now i get it! Awesome! Makes sense now that you told me :D

Thanks for your reply and thank you for a good game :D


Thanks for the explanation of the controls. I can move the characters now. I played several levels, the later levels repeat the problems from the first ones, other than that I liked playing it!

Thank you.

Unique puzzle mechanic, a few of the levels were repeats of earlier ones just rotated but that's okay. Really fun little brain teaser getting them all sorted out.

Thanks for playing my game. 

I really appreciate your feedback.